the Fragrance of Sound

Testimonials from Clients / Venues / Associates & Spiritual Leaders

Testimonials from participants and clients

I have had a major issue for a long time. During the Sound Healing Bath, the issue disintegrated and it has

never returned. I want to learn to do what you do!


8/31/2018.  Profound and transformative experience

Mariam Drake

About the "Forest Bathing Sound Bath:" The outdoor sound bath was phenomenal (wild life friends joined in).  I

enjoyed contact with plants and watching little butterflies flutter among purple and yellow flowers.  The 

hills are beautiful green after the rainy winter.  And the group was such nice people led by very informative 

and nice Mari.

Sharon Ho 

This was a great experience ! Combing a gong bath with another indigenous healer's practices is a

wonderful idea. I found this gong bath to be unlike any I'd experienced so far. It was carefully designed to

address not only your sense of hearing but other senses as well. Sent me easily into a trance-like state of

deep relaxation and helped me feel at peace with my life. Thank you!

Anne Ross

During the Sound Bath, healing energy shot through my arm, and straightened it. I am healed! Amazing.


The best Sound Bath that I have attended


About "WAKING ON FIRE" in Pasadena July 29 - 2018:

“Such a profound event as all of Mari's events are! Absolutely spectacular! Thank you Mari for sharing your beautiful gifts!”



My husband and I felt pulled to incorporate a special moment in our wedding day that would allow us to pause 

and be grounded in the moment.  I am so greateful to have found Mari in my search to create that very feeling.

Mari brought her gift of music therapy to our wedding and played her crystal bowls following my dad giving me 

away.  It is hard to put into words Mari's gift.  Her music is angelic, pure and so serene.  Mari's music allows you 

to tune into your body, to experience things in such a raw form.  The bowls had such a powerful affect not only

over my husband and I, but over several of our guests as well.  From what I understand, music therapy has the 

ability to impact individuals in a number of ways.  One is to heal emotional trauma.  To quote a powerful experience

from one of our guests:  "Your wedding has fundamentally changed how I see the world.  I've removed myself

from the pro-hunting community aside from a few personal friends.  I'm seeing my relationships with people

much more purely.  I've sold my guns.....I think you and your wife finally brough me home from war."

I have heard amazing things about Sound Bath events from a lot of my friends. What I experienced with Mari's

performance left me completely speechless and in pure bliss. That was one of the most profound sound journey

I have ever experienced. It is actually pretty difficult to find right words that would adequately capture the whole

experience. I can understand, now why people keep coming back again and again. It is profound, beautiful,

vibrant and can be life changing. Mari's Sound Bath is beyond anything else, I experienced. It helped me to open

up and connect to my deepest truth, it made me cry and it made me laugh. It is a journey that is unforgettable.

Please, go and experience yourself. You will understand what I meant. 

Nicola V.

Thank you Mari Fix.  I experienced pure inner peace and love last night.  It was a magical evening.  You

are Amazing.  

Tae Bond

Wonderful experience!  I still experience tremendous calm, serenity, and clarity. Thank You! 

Andrew L.

When you worked on me, the Vertigo I have had for a year went away, it it is now gone.


It was beyond amazing - the instruments, vocalizations, singing, ceremony and vibe - Truly amazing!

Da Jilene

Excited for your next event Mari, wish to see you soon! The last one you had in Hollywood was spectacular!


Thank you for the powerful healing experience, Mari.  It was beautiful.

Kristina Clemens

Hi! I had the honor of hearing your beautiful sound bowls at Halo Salt Spa



When you called in the Ancestors, my grandmother came to me and touched me. I came in with a lot of fear that has been with

me for years.  When I think about the situations that caused me fear, I don't feel anymore fear at all !


I have a friend who was at the class last Friday and she was in total awe and cannot wait for the next one It

sounded amazing from outside … your voice is amazing!!!


The sound bath I attended was life changing. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Sandra Enriquez

7/29/2018 - My ancestors spoke to me with the calling of the ancestors part of the ceremony and told me I was loved.  I had felt so alone before that.  I now feel like I can proceed into my heart's vision.


I have meditated for a decade with some of the greatest spiritual teachers alive but this sound concert aloud

me without any effort, to go into one of the most profound, full body meditations that I have ever been in. It

was extremely relaxing and unmistakably tangible. To be this relaxed must be healing. I loved the exotic

instrumentation. A shamanic ritual can't be better than this!!! You don't have to believe anything, just be open.  

John C

The other night was fantastic!!

I came in with a very heavy heart and left with clarity and love ! I so appreciate that you let us keep the

crystal. I infused a message to myself, and I'm constantly reminded of the message with the crystal. My

message was along the lines of --- Stop seeking love. Seek to GIVE love, with no thought or need to receive

any love in return. Have a beautiful day and looking forward to seeing you again!

Love, Chip, K.E.

A truly uplifting and realigning experience.  A deep heart-felt thanks to all for providing such a special

evening and for sharing such important work.

Simone Bennett

It was a powerful experience. The sound and invocation helped me connect to my pain, express it, and

release it. Thank you Mari and Stephen.  


The best vibrational sound bath that I have attended - Mari and Stephen make it special with their

amazing energy healing abilities and attunement with sound - thank you 

Barb Jo

Thank u Mari ! It was such a treat to meet you and hear u play!

Bella Gina Luciana

Thank you so much for your kindness and thank you for your soul work through sound healing! Can't wait

until I can attend another bath of yours, it really helped propel me into doing great things by letting go of

some past anchors! Love to you!!!

Riss Mahaffey

I can't make the 11/5 event.  When is the next one please.  I really want to go and I love Mari in particular.  


Just got back from Fragrance of Sound. What a wonderful experience. Thank you Mari

Pat Sohraloff

Thank you so much for the session at Halo. I really feel like a different person and would love to participate

again when you do another session there. Have a wonderful weekend

Laura De Gaetano

Thank you everyone who joined us last night for an amazing "Sound Bath" with Mari Fix from Fragrance

of Sound. It was beautiful! I will post some pictures on the Laughing Lotus Events Facebook page.

Lisa Hansen

It was amazingly great! It was exactly what I needed to cross the bridge to my rightful life.


Pure Magic!

Kari Lloyd

It was a great experience. I felt so much love energy! 


It was a beautiful event, thank you for helping humanity. Hugs and blessings.

Barb Jo

I enjoyed it-- felt great the next day!

Susan Anderson

A great night. Mari has a great understanding of Sound and an incredibly powerful singing voice.

Steve B.,  (Tai Chi Instructor)

A teenager in the crowd at a performance:  (About Mari's music) "This is the music I have waited all my

life for!!!!"

March 17 - 2018
Hi Mari, I just attended the event you created and participated in ....Ancient Americas Sound Healing - "Sacred Sounds" at Moore Dance studio.... wow !!!! amazing! I loved Luis and Christopher... but with the crystal bowls... that really took it over the top ! thank you ! If you ever create a CD or video of this performance, please contact me as I would LOVE to get a copy.  thank you,

Testimonials from venues, industry professionals and elders

Roxanne Hunt, Wedding Officiate 

" Mari is an amazing sound healer and wonderful addition to any event. She played her bowls at 

the beginning of a wedding I officiated and she set such a tranquil and sacred tone for the ceremony. Everyone 

loved it~! It was unique, calming and a beautiful way to sit in solitude without a traditional song, greeting or 

prayer. Mari is a lovely person, gifted healer and blessing to any event. I highly recommend her services." 

Roy Gibbon, Spiritual Organizer and Shumei America Representative:

Late last year, Mari was one of the key speakers at a global warming conference held at Shumei Hall in

Pasadena.  Her talk, “The Challenge of  Respect,”  on how consciousness affects the planet and our reality

was based on scientific data, and on the new theories of quantum physics.   The  talk was  fascinating and

informative and led the audience to question just how much that their expectations may affect and

influence their perception of  reality.        After the talk Mari came onto the stage to entrance us with her

music.   If I were to describe this music I would say that it was nothing short of stunning.  I  remember it

had been a generally dull day of scientific lectures and when Mari came onto the stage it really brought the

energy in the room up.  We were  all mesmerized.  I felt transfixed and propelled into another realm.  It was

like I woke up and wasn’t sleeping anymore.  Things became vibrant.  As if that was not enough, she got

people to join in and improvise with her.   It was incredible to hear all these voices moving together and

creating this magical  presence.  For a long time afterward, I kept hearing about how much people were

affected by her presentation.  Her work is so unique that I highly recommend her to you.   I hope to support

her new work by having her perform here again and to give a workshop for the public and our supporters.

Spiritual Teacher, Raul Rosiles: Caught in the act...of prayer. Attending private home concert by Mari Fix.

Mari is one of the very few...many people perform with gong, bowls, etc….Mari is that rare, true 

Sound Shaman

Howard Richman, former Instructor at California Institute of the Arts and Dean of Music at International

Sports Science Institute.  "I have never seen anyone who surrenders to their music more than you do."

(Speaking to Mari).  "You are so intuitive, you can counsel people to find their true path."

David Welch, Movie Producer;  The Peaceful Warrior:  "Your work is amazing." 

Grant Associate for the City of Glendale: (about Mari’s Sound Work) While watching your reel, it is

apparent that you don’t care at all about what people think of you. So many people pretend to be Shaman’s

and I get grant applications for that type of thing all the time. I can feel, that you however, are a real

medicne person.

Chinese Chi Kung Master, friend of Acclaimed International Painter, Diana Wong: (about Mari’s Sound

Work) Your work is like mine, we are doing the same thing! I would follow you to the ends of the earth.

Yuan Miao, Tibetan Buddhist MasterYou are doing a very high Buddhist Practice. We are cut from the

same cloth.

Raul Rosiles, Founder of Soul Based Living:  "Some people pretend to be healers."  "You (referring to

Mari) are the real deal."

Hermano Vidal, Mayan Medicine Man and Elder, Peru: So many people have sold out. You are a true


Robert Fisher, Author of the Knight in Rust Armor; writer for Groucho Marx, George Burns and Lucille

Ball: (About Mari) "One day you will be famous."  "I can see you playing music in front 50 thousand

people."  "You are an amazing channel for healing."  2006.

A Native American Elder, at the Philosophical Research Society event:  (About Mari's work)

I have never seen any music this strong.

William Gazecki, Roman Polanski’s Videographer

Delicious; Mari Fix's work is very evolved and effective .

Patricia Martinez: Mari and Esteban gifted our Art opening with exquisite sacred music. The performance

was so synchronistic that the photographer even took magical shots of the performance. The guests all

reported to me that they were transported into a state of stillness and wonder. You could have heard a pin

drop. Guests later stood around talking about what they experienced. Kaiumari and Esteban are truly

committed to what they do and draw you into the experience. Truly breathtaking.

Florence Riggs, from Spiritual Unitarian Movement:

Thank you Mari for contributing the Living Buddha Blessed Water to add to the sacred ceremony!  You and

KB added beautiful music and chanting!  You are greatly appreciated.


I spoke with several people that had been to the Sound Bath, and I just wanted to get their input and It was

very positive; people really loved it; a lot of people said they would want to do it again and different

highlights that they mentioned.  It was really beautiful and thank you so much for your energy.

C. & B. Miller, from F.O.U.G.

What a glorious evening we spent with you!  It was beautifully (and Bill added, "professionally")

 presented. We especially enjoyed the Friday the 13th additions and the lovely and colorful atmospheric

decorations as the scaffolding for your incredible singing and the vibrational sounds of the Tibetan bowls

and those magnificent gongs. The shamanic blessings were a wonderful opener. Every part of us felt blessed

by the experience. Any possibility you might have an mp3 we might purchase of the singing and the

bowl/gong sounds? What a wonderful meditation that would facilitate! Thank you both again. We can only

imagine how long it took to set up that lovely environment... besides all the preparations that went into that

performance. Wow!

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