Fragrance of


the "Fragrance of Sound" (TM); an ambient soundscape performing and recording ensemble invoking harmonic sacred sound, and experiential primordial multi-sensory states of awareness.



from the "Fragrance of Sound ®."

Fragrance of Sound is perhaps described as a recording and performing musical Ensemble /  Band that incorporates elements of soundscape, music  meditation, sound healing and performance art.

The founder, Mari, and current ensemble contributors bring a multicultural background of meditation, song, chant, improvisation,
movement, lecturing, workshops, indigenous dance, Indigenous Medicine and alternative naturopathic / energetic medicine / sound healing / vibrational medicine / binaural beats / alternative tunings / the 432 hz Golden Mean Solfeggio Tuning / hierosonics / Holographic Sound; classical, modern classical world, micro-tonal and eclectic music; interactive participation, arts (fine art, video, performance art), motivational interviewing and life coaching, leadership, women's practices, aroma therapy, mythology, medicine work, ceremony, shamanism and crazy wisdom to create their unique sound, workshops and orientation.

Mari is also the founder of an organization dedicated to creating a life of the sacred and authentic.  Please see the link below for an example of some of the experiential workshop offerings that are sometimes paired with performances to increase audience participation and experience.


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I am committed to providing concerts, therapies, and educational workshops that inspire, broaden understanding of "self;" and engage human potential, participation, process, wholeness and transformation.  We strive to challenge ourselves and participants to awaken dormant potential, authenticity, and explore the true nature of being.  This is done through both ancient and innovative understandings, sounds, practices, therapies, and participation.               Mari


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The "Fragrance of Sound" ® was birthed in 2002 by Mari, K. Bach and Erial Ally.  Mari had been playing with the trio for years doing shows / events in California when Mari and K. Bach decided to change the name to "Fragrance of Sound."  In 2005 K. Bach moved on to pursue her solo career and later, a partnership with a well known vocal instructor.

Throughout the years, there have been incarnations of the group, one of which included Kaiumari and Dwain Hicks, who Kaiumari calls a master of modern classical and micro-tonal.  Most recently, 2009-15, Esteban Ayotl has collaborated with Kaiumari and the " Fragrance of Sound" ® and in 2010 Jeffry Fisher (Stand up Bass, author, auricular therapist, and Tai Chi Instructor) collaborated on some creative projects.  Ron Wagner, master percussionist from Cirque du Soleil - shows "Zed" and "Iris"  is both currently contributing to the new CD release.  Maham Ziabakhsh,  Indigenous Medicine Man Ixoneztli and Christopher Garcia are also partners.   Mari is a descendant from the Celtic Clan Ewing in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

I hope you enjoy the music and presentations as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.                                                FOS



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