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With one of the Largest collections of Ancient Aztec flutes, Celebrated Pre-Colombian Musician Ixoneztli - known for playing with Cirque du Soliel and with the band YES's Jon Anderson, transports the audience to the remote Jungles and caves and water ways of ancient Meso-America. Joined by sonic Artist Mari Fix of the "FRAGRANCE OF SOUND," this duo pulls on the voices of the wild - harmonic and hypnotic, capturing the Primeval pulse of the earth.

Ixoneztli has been featured in La Opinion, various other prestigious Magazines and on KCRW's Morning becomes Eclectic. Mari has been featured in Voyage LA and Best of LA magazine, among others.

This is a lay down event so as to harmonize with the subtleties of sound. You may sit also. Note: Bring Blankets, Mat and pillow to keep warm. If you need a chair, bring it as there are no chairs at this unique venue.

Moore Dancing (close to Santa Monica)
11943 Montana Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90049

8:30 pm - 10:15pm

Cost 35.00 (cash only) at the door.

Park on Montana Street, West of the Event Location - Ample street parking. Meters close to event 2.00 an hour. One block away down Montana @ Gretna along side Golf course. free parking.

For more info, contact  RSVP not mandatory but preferred.

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Mari Fix & the ""Fragrance of Sound" ®




Bio: Mari apprenticed with Sound Healer K. Bach for more than 8 years, has written for one of the members of the Cirque du Soleil's solo show in Las Vegas, as well as sung harmonic vocals on CD "Book of Alchemy," featured in Keyboard Magazine, and the soundtrack for an MTV Animation Festival. Mari has also performed with Eva Stokes in Kaliuga, the Ideals, as well as Sabrina Sayed, and with one of the members from the band, "The Residents." She also worked for a year or two with Aretha Franklin's backup singer, Geraldine.

Mari has an extensive background in Alternative Medicine. She has served as the medical Intuitive for Dr. Daniel Reeves, D.C., N. D., D.D., Phd. for 9 or more years where she helped to diagnose patients in his practice as well as treat them. She also has studied Energy Medicine Modalities: Total Body Modification (Energetic Chiropractic) and Matrix Energetics 1, 2, & 3. She has Certification in all of these modalities. Further, Mari has a Certification to teach Kunlun Nei Gung or the Kunlun System, Taoist Internal Alchemy, and has been accredited to instruct Taoist Internal Meditation Techniques since 2011.

She has been working with Sacred Sound & Healing for 20 + years. Originally gifted a spontaneous form of movement meditation that came to her after attending a traditional indigenous "ghost dance" in 1992, she plunged into her own in-depth internal study of these mysteries, and her own moon cycle following a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. She spent many years developing a relationship to this work in private. In 2008, she had a Spiritual Awakening and is currently deepening the embodiment of that awakening.

She currently teaches meditation and provides Sacred Sound & Sound Healing for transformation, health and stress relief.

Mari also holds Certificates in
Medicine and the Arts - University of Capetown,
Preventing Chronic Pain, University of Minnesota,
Acupressure for Headaches - Jumonzy,
Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Duke U.
fMRI Data Analysis- Johns Hopkins University,
Consumer Neuroscience, Copenhagen Business School,
Curanderismo - University of New Mexico,
Magic and the Middle Ages - Univ of Barcellona,
Sacred Objects and Religious Life - Hamilton College,
Stonehenge - University of Buckingham
The Science of Happiness - UC Berkeley
Inspirational Leadership through Emotional Intelligence - Case Western U.

Sound Design from Emory University,
Site Specific Dance and Performance from Cal Arts,
Music Production / Songwriting / Vocal Recording Technology - Berklee School of Music in Boston.

Coursework in
Buddhism and Psychology - Princeton University Resilience and the Science of Stress Management - U of Washington
Humanity & Nature in Chinese Thought - U of Hong Kong


About Ashley Countryman & "Sacred Attunement Yoga," ™


bio: Ashley Countryman is certified as a “Shakti Naam Instructor,” “Kabbalah of Birth Instructor,” and as a “Harmonyum Practitioner..” She is inspired by her passion to open as many hearts as possible through these divine teachings. She believes that we are all seeds from the light that when nurtured, make this world a brighter place. This is done by acting with consciousness, unconditional love, supporting each other, and being of service. Ashley has a background in dance, track and field, and music and is an aspiring surfer.

“Teaching yoga is one of the absolute greatest joys of my life because I get to witness the benefits of this deeply healing practice first hand through the smiles, laughter and testimonies of my students.” - Ashley Countryman

- Event -

March 17 - 2018

 @ Moore Dancing 

(close to Santa Monica)

11943 Montana Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90049

up elevator to 2nd floor.  
Wheel chair accessible.



This is a lay down event so as to harmonize with the subtleties of sound. You may sit also. Note: Bring Blankets, Mat and pillow to keep warm and lie down on. If you need a chair, bring it as there are no chairs at this unique venue.  There are a few extra yoga mats at the venue but please bring your own if you have one as there are just a few there.



Park on Montana Street, West of the Event Location - Ample street parking. Meters close to event 2.00 an hour. One block away down Montana @ Gretna along side Golf course. free parking.

For more info, contact

RSVP not mandatory but preferred.

About the Sound Bath

The term Sound Bath was first coined a few years back by musicians or possibly sound healers who took instruments and immersed the audience in this sound for relaxation and stress relief.

It was found that specific instruments coupled with energetic medicine knowledge created conducive vibrations to provide ease of tension and deep relaxation. Deep relaxation is a per-cursor to health and healing and allows the individual to release patterns of tension, trauma and stress that create illness.

Science has long known about brainwaves—patterns of electrical activity generated by the billions of neural cells in the human brain. Different levels of consciousness generate brainwaves at specific frequencies. More recent discoveries have shown that when people listen to sound vibrations and rhythmic sounds matched to a particular frequency, their brainwaves begin exhibiting the same frequency. This process is called “brain entrainment,” and it’s how we harnesses the power of the mind to help heal the body.

The idea that sound affects the health of the mind and body is not new. Chanting and mantra recitation have been part of Hindu spirituality and the healing power of yoga for thousands of years. Given the recent interest in mind-body medicine, it’s not surprising that this ancient tradition is experiencing a modern-day renaissance.

Here are some of the many benefits of Therapeutic Sound.

Activates Higher States of Awareness
Promotes inner Stillness
Relieves Anxiety and Stress
Induces Deep Relaxation
Promotes Profound Meditation
Increases blood flow and Circulation
Heightens Clarity
Improves Concentration
Aids in decreasing Depression
Re-focuses the mind
Relieves Insomnia
Normalizes Blood Pressure
Relieves Physical Pain
Helps in the release of Emotional Trauma


Relax and Rejuvenate in the Healing Sounds of the Gong, Crystal & Tibetan Bowls, Voice and more. Invigorate your body with an experience of collective whole body chanting. 
Let the vibrations still the mind bring you present.

In the hands of a knowledgeable practitioner, therapeutic sound ushers you into the subconscious & parasympathetic nervous system where all healing takes place. Mari has well over 20 years of experience in both therapeutic sound, spiritual consciousness practices, and energetic medicine, and combines this knowledge to aid and assist participants in their journey towards healing and expanded awareness.

Shakti Naam Yoga, the Yoga of Primordial Sound Vibration

Shakti Naam Yoga is the technology of longevity, higher awareness and healing the body of illness and disease. Shakti Naam is not strenuous, but rather is an energetic form of yoga, great for all age levels and abilities. Combined with the sounds of Gong, and other Sacred Instruments, this will be a program dedicated to our transformation on all levels.

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