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"SWELLS" digital download single audio track by FRAGRANCE OF SOUND.                                       

SWELLS CD Single  by FRAGRANCE OF SOUND.                                                                          
"Walk in Unison," digital download poem by FRAGRANCE OF SOUND.                                             

"2013 Meditation Video"  -  digital download  by FRAGRANCE OF SOUND.  

"2013 Meditation Video" - DVD by FRAGRANCE OF SOUND.

2013 Meditation / Instructional Workshop Video DVD, English / Korean Translation, by FRAGRANCE OF SOUND.                      

Single Meditation for Stress Reduction and Centering; Fragrance of Sound's Mini E-Book. 

"LIQUID MEDITATION," Ambient Water Sounds; digital download. FOS.

"LIQUID MEDITATION," Ambient Water Sounds: CD single. FOS.


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Buy our New Single "Swells," as a 
Digital Download

An undulating swell of hypnotic, meditative healing gong. 

Length approximately 6.5 minutes;    cost:  .99

or as a CD Single

cost:  3.00 
plus 5.00 shipping

01 - FOS - Swells-30.mp3

 Buy our New Single "Liquid Meditation," 
as a Digital Download

Embracing the Element of Water and it's natural healing and medicinal properties. 
An ambient Nature recording.
Length approximately 8 minutes;    cost:  .99

or as a CD Single

cost:  3.00 

plus 5.00 shipping 


Buy our "2013 Meditation" DVD Single  
Digital Download

Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls and Gong.  
Length approximately 4:19 minutes;    cost:  .99

or as a DVD Single

cost:  4.00 

plus 5.00 shipping 

FOS would like to thank all the fans!  The First album, has
SOLD OUT internationally.  FOS is extremely pleased that so many of our fans are all over the world and spread out in the U.S.. Please be patient with our re-issuing of the CD.  Keep checking this website for updates.



           Currently SOLD OUT

OUR NEWEST CD, Self-Titled the "FRAGRANCE OF SOUND"  will be out shortly.  We have already recorded and mixed it, and are currently are in the Mastering Stage.  This new album is dedicated to meditation and the silence within, and is purely instrumental.  The tracks are designed to release the mind chatter and to lead you deeply within your own personal inner landscape.  Instrumentalists on this album are Ron Wagner from Cirque du Soliel (Zed and Iris (Danny Elfman)) , Esteban Ayotl (lineage caretaker of a handed down indigenous medicine lineage), and Kaiumari.  All of us have an extensive background in meditation and internal practices.                  Kaiumari








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