Fragrance of Sound

                                             All of This is about my Trademark Application

Here are a few proofs of use of Service Mark, "Fragrance of Sound."  The use is, my ensemble playing a musical concert.  I have saved screen shots of all of this to send in to the trademark office.  You may need to have a facebook to view the first 3.  I can send screen shots.

June 30th, 2013.  Link

July 28th, 2013  Link

September 29th, 2013   Link

Above Screenshots of Facebook;  as Photos - Located at the Bottom of the Page

Not on Facebook 

August 27 & 28, 2011   Link

Of course you can prove my selling a digital download of a song on my store page on this website here - Goods

Link to Online Store Page

I am currently changing shopping carts due to the fact that I find my cart is not SSL protected even though the say that they were, so the client can buy digital downloads through my online order form and sending a payment in.  The information is on the online form to fill out.


Sites that are the closest to my name. 

They are not threats because of what they are which will be explained below.  None of these people or any others has used "Fragrance of Sound" as a band name except for me, or a title to sell products or services under.  Anyone that has even used "Fragrance of Sound" as words together on the internet has used it in a passage of writing in a short story, or 2 used it as a song title.  One person used the words in Japan, switched around for a song and CD title.  It is all in Japanese too but they have a different name for their band.  All of it is below.

I purchased my domain name "fragrance of sound" in 2002.

I was already using the name to play music concerts with.
That same year, unbeknownst to me, a Japanese Band in Japan called Indigo came out with a song titled the "Sound of Fragrance."   (words, swapped around - Mine is the "Fragrance of Sound.")  It was also the name of their album.  As far as I know, album and song titles are not the same as a name of the group, and also it was a Japanese Group specific to Japan.

Johnny Bonkers came out with a song entitled the "Fragrance of Sound" .  Here is the Link.  His group name is Johnny Bonkers.

Recently a woman posted song lyrics to a song called the "Fragrance of Sound"  here.  These are only song lyrics.  Her name is_Deb Hedges

Lastly, a person put a song set on a webpage of Depeshe Mode Songs, and titled the song set, the "Sound of Fragrance."    (words swapped around from mine) Here is the link

Something in here but who knows what it is.  A song or a CD or a performance?  I think an operetta title.

There was a small Fullerton California Christian Band called the Fragrance that I found in 2011 on the internet by chance after I had been using the "Fragrance of Sound" for a number of years,  but they did not put out any albums under the name and they changed their name to My Brother, my Double.  They just played worship services locally at church and used the name briefly.  They started their band after I was using  the name  "Fragrance of Sound" in commerce for my service and had my website up.   I was going to send them a letter to cease even though their name is different from mine, but they probably found out about me and changed their name within a few weeks or so after I found out about them.  They did not trademark the Fragrance (name).  This 2nd facebook page tells about them changing their name.  They are no longer using the name at all since 2011.  Their name was not the same as mine anyway.  Also they never bought a domain name or had a website.

Fragrance sound effects.  Sound effects from spraying a fragrance bottle.  Obviously nothing.

Other than that, there are no instances of the name used or anything close that I know of on the internet accept for my use.  These are all my site uses on the internet.

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