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My untitled work explores preservation, renovation and degradation in Multiple Ways at 3 spots at the Brand (Art and Music) Library / Japanese garden. This project is either site specific or site adaptive, adapted to other renovation properties / scenarios.

I am using physical site pillar as the main filter, with some site history / current use.  The library serves the greater arts community, archiving the work of artists and musicians (Use).  The library is being renovated (physical).   Education has sorely neglected Arts and is in need of renovation. Brand put away money for renovation / upkeep and saw that it was worth the cost (history). 

Locked behind a large iron gate is a pristine immaculate Japanese garden, while 900 ft away is a picnic / hiking area (Use) that was pristine, but now littered with garbage.  Nearby waste baskets ironically are empty.  

Brand site resembles extremes & our possible choices.  The performances will comment mainly on the site’s physical condition as well as our psychology & what we value.  We encourage the audience to reflect on renewal and take action; exemplifying my work, dedicated to healing outer & inner landscape. 

My Promenade performance moves between 3 areas:  #1 - shows dancers fixated on renovation beyond the “green fence” and within, while others gather about a central pillar requesting donations. Is there support?  

Next, Audience is herded to Performance #2, a littered spot situated around garbage cans the dancers can not seem to make it to with their waste.  Will their subconscious persuade the apathetic & audience to clean up trash & art strewn under foot? 

Performance #3 is at the pristine Japanese Garden gates, people clamoring to get in, Paparazzi flash, and “Privileged,” enter through strict security while Un-privileged peer through bars at Art, and dancers perform for the elite.

Brand Library Site has 3 areas that will be utilized in succession for each complete Promenade performance.  The 3 performances symbolizing various forms of inner and outer renovation, destruction, and preservation take place during the day, with a second set of performances spanning late day / evening.  

Location #1 in front of library - the audience (100) sits down on chairs along a (120 feet) by 5’ 7” walkway, viewing the performance on an up-slope stage area.  6 dancers allude to “renovation” beyond the back fence, within, and between each other.  Performers in business attire solicit donations for “renovation.”  Business and dance costuming as well as live ambient amplified music of library sounds / construction / music will create context for how business funds projects.

Dancers herd watchers to Location #2 where 200 audience members can stand on a blocked off littered road, off the staging area, constrained inside ropes. 4 audience “Plants” throw trash onto the staging area.  Sculptural Art, environment, and sonic landscape has been defaced.  The radio is changing channels, crackling.  Sirens. 

4 Preoccupied Dancers in street clothes congregate at Picnic Benches absently tossing garbage onto the ground.  Their subconscious (4 apparition dancers in grey/white) desperately tries to awaken them from complacency. The spirit calls & something awakens.. Lighting (at night), multi-media & costumes create the apparition dancers looking like spirits, and during the day, as (white?) alter egos.  9 total dancers.  Location 2 will be un-ticketed, and we may pay audience Assistance Coupons (to stand in the “trash”) with something they can barter their way into the next event with.  

The audience now is prompted to move to Location 3, that starts at the Gate of a Pristine Japanese Garden.  It is day / or night at the later performance. High Security gates, guards and harsh lighting (night) bar non-ticketed entrants feigning exclusivity.  8 Actors look on through the bars.  Video cameras & photographers capture “Plants” being harangued at the gate. Actors are dressed up talking outside. “Did you get a ticket, how do you get one?” The lucky entrants inside are graced with elegant lighting (at night), 4 roaming musicians and VIP Art and Performances inside gates. Dancers move together as Moving Art Shapes of Beauty, at night holding lights, and by day, scarves.  Fancy waiters deliver snacks.  The audience is encouraged to walk around freely at their leisure.  Dancers later do solos for small groups as if in their service.  Nothing inside poses a challenge; challenge comes in comparing inside to outside.  Inside we preserve art and affluence.  8 dancers, 10 actors, 3 musicians, with an audience of 200.



For the production I will need a costume designer / wardrobe assistance, a rehearsal coach to orchestrate actors and dancers, a choreographer, composer, art director (art and defaced art), sound & lighting / multi-media techs and systems, photographer and videographer, actors, dancers and musicians, a producer to secure funding and manage the budget, stage manager and crew, security, electricity, dressing rooms and craft services / catering.

Input from Peers

peer 1 Very interesting subject and the dancing too! :) I wish there was a picture of site 3, even if you're not dancing, it would have been nice to have some kind of visual. Also with taking the photos, I would have liked a overall picture so I know where the audience is supposed to be, etc. I think you could have just been a bit more descriptive of each photo to better understand but I think your dancing looks great and you have BEAUTIFUL lines! Good luck!

peer 1 YES. Very interesting subject with clear themes, organized audience structure, and very descriptive budget. As for Contingency Costs, I think you could have put a bit more thought, like when it rains, what will happen? Will you have extra umbrellas for the audience members? Will the dancers perhaps have umbrellas in Site #3 where the audience members co-mingle and dance together? I think if we listed EVERYTHING, it would be endless but I wished you gave a little bit more thought in that section. (No worries though! I gave you full points. ;) Reading your proposals got me thinking, for site #2, if would be cool if you had costumes made out of white trash bags, and they emerge from trash cans places in the picnic area! and to include some audience participation and let them "re-understand" that littering is not bad, maybe having them pick up at least 1 trash at site #2 when they are done and that becomes the "ticket" to Site #3. Also, since there are SO MANY audience members, it might be a good idea to have them wear bracelets. These may just be my crazy and weird ideas, so you can take them or leave them! Overall, good job! I would definitely be interested in going and seeing your show! :) Good luck!

peer 2 I get the sense that you use pedestrian movement and have a strong concept about the site buried i trash while feigning to be an artistic ground of elite culture. I do like many of the ideas. How will you get the audience to actually do do what you want? What is your Plan B should they not be engaged? The other question I have concerns the audience count? I am not sure how you will start out with a group of 100 and then pump it up to 200 and then 200 inside and who knows how many looking in? will some people not be able to see it all? are you counting on people being late? Generally I think a site, a promenade piece, can hold as many audience as the smallest number. So 100 would be your limit. not clear. I am guessing you have the interactive part being the site-specific part, while the dance part is site adaptive, at least hat what the images show, in terms of modern dance movement. I do like the proposal, and you have also put a lot of thought into all the detailed needs of each planning department. I would -if anything - ask you to be more clear on what the music would have to be and would add, why do you need multi-media. Do not clutter your idea with technical stuff just because that option exists theoretically. Nice work.

peer 3 Awesome work. I am really interested to see the whole piece. Keep it up.


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  Area A Photo

With Renovation Fence and the Brand Library in the Background being renovated.

Area A Diagram to Left
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Upper Area B Photo

With Blue Garbage Dumpster and garbage dumped at the top as well as strewn around

Upper Area B Diagram
to Left
with measurements

Lower Area B  Photo

With Picnic Bench, Garbage Can, and Garbage strewn around.
Lots of trees.

Lower Area B Diagram
to Left
with measurements



Area C Photo

Japanese Garden -
Not able to diagram due to locked gates.

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