the Fragrance of Sound

A Medicine Person from a lineage, passed down through his P'urhepecha (now known as Tarascan) Grandmother in  Michoaca'n / Guatemala, Curandera Conception nArias;  Esteban "Ayotl" provides  Heart Beat in the Fragrance of Sound.

Esteban has co-composed music for the project as well as serves as "designated Drummer."  Esteban has drummed since the age of 8 and has played drums and percussion for various musical projects as well as the Downey Symphony and Long Beach C.C. Percussion Ensemble.  He both has studied with the late great Big Band drummer Louie Belson, and currently is a student and apprentice of Nigerian Talking Drum Master, Francis Awe.

Esteban crafts and plays indigenous Native wooden flutes and is occasionally the main engineer on the project when recording and live.  Esteban has training in Analog Recording / Engineering and Synthesizers from Long Beach C.C..

Esteban and Kaiumari give concerts, workshops and conduct interactive sound circles, meditations and ceremonies for various groups, individuals and audiences around the world under "Living Ceremony (TM) .org. " Esteban has been a contributor in FOS since January 2009.

Estaban has received a Certificate of Accomplishment in ADHD Training for understanding Children with ADHD, from the University of California at Irvine; and is currently an ordained minister / officiate / priest recognized with the state of California. 

For Information on Esteban's Lineage Shamanic Work, Kaiumari's "Living Ceremony" (TM) organization or internal Taoist Arts please see the links below

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Esteban "Ayotl" and his Udu

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